Diploma Theses (Exjobb)



We can offer diploma works on a varity of problem, but the main activities of the group id directed toward, modelling of biological membranes and membrane proteins. The main technique used is large scale molecular dynamics simulations. Please look at the list of completed Diploma theses, and contact for more information.

Completed Theses (2006 - 2007)

  • Methodological analysis of free energy calculations using molecular dynamics
    Erik Brandt (2007)
  • Solvation of small organic molecules. Calculating hydration free energies based on DFT derived charges
    Jonas Castegren(2007)
  • The effect of travel restriction on the spread of a highly contagious disease in Sweden
    Martin Camitz (2005)
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies of two Potassium Ion Channels, KcsA and KirBac1.1
    Mikko Hellgren (2004)
  • Calculated Electron Densities in Lipid Bilayers
    Mathias Ljungberg (2004)
  • Collective Modes in Membrane Bilayers
    Michael Marthaler (2004)

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