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KTH Theoretical Physics
Condensed Matter Theory
KTH / Theoretical Physics / Condensed Matter Theory

Condensed Matter Theory

Head of division professor Anders Rosengren


Research fields of the Condensed Matter Theory Group include modern statistical physics, strongly correlated systems, phase transitions and diffusion and corrosion studies.

Current research projects:
  • Phase transitions and critical phenomena
  • Topics in condensed matter theory
  • Diffusion and corrosion studies
  • Graph theory and statistical physics


List of publications of the Condensed Matter Theory Group (years 1993 -). The list is permanently under construction. To add new papers to the list, use this html template. Selected articles or their preprints/abstracts may be available from the following sources:



For current courses consult the following pages:
Information about the
undergraduate courses.
Information about the graduate courses.

Diploma project

Openings for diploma projects (swedish)

PhD positions

If you are interested in graduate studies in condensed matter theory, contact prof. Anders Rosengren.

Contact information

Mailing adress

KTH Theoretical Physics
AlbaNova University Center
Condensed Matter Theory
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Visiting adress

Roslagstullbacken 21

fax: +46-8-5537 8216

The following links will help you find your way:
Hitta till Albanova (Swedish), KTH campus map. Albanova is located in the upper left corner of the map. The nearest bus stop is Ruddammen, where buses 43 and 44 stop. The nearest subway station (T) is Tekniska Högskolan.

Contact information for group members can be found in the staff directory.

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