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Staff Directory





Current staff and students

Anders Rosengren Professor roseng(a)kth.se 8474
Patrik Henelius Associate Professor henelius(a)kth.se 8136
Per-Håkan Lundow Researcher phl(a)kth.se 8389
Anatoly Belonoshko Associate Professor anatoly(a)kth.se 8598
Laura Urba Graduate Student lgurba(a)kth.se  
Timofyi Lukinov Graduate Student timofyi(a)kth.se 8174

Former staff and alumni

Evaldas Tornau researcher et(a)et.pfi.lt  
Saulius Lapinskas researcher slapinskas(a)rrt.lt  
Petras Kundrotas researcher pkundro(a)ku.edu  
Sergio Caprara researcher sergio.caprara(a)roma1.infn.it  
Igor Tupitsyn researcher tupitsyn(a)phas.ubc.ca  
Gintautas Grigelionis Graduate Student Now at Swedish Tax Agency  
Ausrius Juozapavicius Graduate Student ausrius(a)omni.lt  
Jurij Smakov Graduate Student Now at Google  
Anders Vestergren Graduate Student Now at McKinsey & Company  
Emil Lundh Postdoc lundh(a)tp.umu.se  
Sergey Basylko Postdoc  
Sara Bergkvist Graduate Student Now at Scania  
Anders Biltmo Graduate Student Now at SunGard  
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Note: the e-mail addresses are mangled to prevent spam. To obtain a valid e-mail address replace (a) in the above addresses by @.

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