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Doctoral theses

Max Tegmark
Probes of the Early Universe.
Stockholm, May 1994. ISBN 91-7170-880-4

Johan Linde
Hadrons at Low Energies.
Stockholm, September 1997. ISBN 91-7170-189-3

Christian Ekstrand
Schwinger Terms from External Field Problems.
Stockholm, April 1999. ISBN 91-7170-395-0

Jonas Blom
Topics in Dynamical Systems: Integrability and Power Control.
Linköping, May 1999. ISBN 91-7170-437-X

Tommy Ohlsson
Dynamics of Quarks and Leptons - Theoretical Studies of Baryons and Neutrinos.
Stockholm, May 2000. ISBN 91-7170-537-6

Ninni Carlsund-Levin
Numerical Studies of Resonances using Complex Scaling.
Stockholm, June 2000. ISBN 91-7170-578-3

Martin Hallnäs
Quantum many-body systems solved by special functions
Stockholm, June 2007. ISBN 978-91-7178-695-1

Licentiate theses

Johan Linde
Aspects of nucleon structure.
Stockholm, September 1994. TRITA-FYS-8001

Christian Ekstrand
Schwinger terms in external field problems.
Stockholm, November 1997. ISBN 91-7170-216-4

Tommy Ohlsson
Properties of Baryons in the Chiral Quark Model.
Stockholm, November 1997. ISBN 91-7170-211-3

Gunnar Sigurdsson
Canonical Involutions and Bosonic Representations of Three-Dimensional
Lie Colour Algebras.
Stockholm, May 2004. ISBN 91-7283-784-5

Juha Loikkanen
Minimally Coupled Bosons on the Moyal Plane.
Stockholm, August 2004. TRITA-FYS-2004:60

Mattias Blennow
Matter and Damping Effects in Neutrino Mixing and Oscillations.
Stockholm, April 2005. TRITA-FYS-2005:21

Tomas Hällgren
Phenomenological Studies of Dimensional Deconstruction.
Stockholm, November 2005. TRITA-FYS-2005:69

Martin Hallnäs
Exactly Solved Quantum Many-Body Systems in One Dimension.
Stockholm, November 2005. TRITA-FYS-2005:57

Pedram Hekmati
Group extensions, gerbes, and twisted K-theory
Stockholm, January 2008. ISBN 978-91-7178-983-1

Diploma works and Master theses

Martin Schömer
Exclusive Two-Body Charmed Weak Decays
Stockholm, May 1993. TRITA-TFY-93-03

Jonas Blom
Bound state production in scattering
Stockholm, November 1994. TRITA-FYS-8003

Magnus Berglund
On Solitons and Infinite-dimensional Lie Algebras
Stockholm, November 1998. TRITA-FYS-8029

Christoph Meier
Three Flavor Neutrino Oscillations
Fit to Recent Superkamiokande Data
The Coherence Length of Solar Neutrinos
Stockholm, October 1999. TRITA-FYS-8033.

Jonny Lundell
Neutrino Oscillations with Three Flavors
Domain of the Mixing Angles and Discussion of Future Experiments
Stockholm, October 1999. TRITA-FYS-8034

Beyram Torbrand-Dhrif
Complex and hypercomplex mathematics
Stockholm, August 2000

Marek Gozdz
Quantum field theory on a fuzzy sphere
Stockholm, September 2000. TRITA-FYS-8049

Per Gröningsson
Black Holes and Hawking Radiation
Stockholm, March 2001. TRITA-FYS-8053

Maria Tengner
Quantum Information
Stockholm, April 2001. TRITA-FYS-8052

Mats Sundberg
Photon-Graviton Conversion in Linear Quantum Gravity
Stockholm, June 2001. TRITA-FYS-8059

Björn Jacobsson
Three Flavor Neutrino Oscillations. Solutions to the Schrödinger Equation
and the Effect of Density Fluctuations in the Earth
Stockholm, March 2002. TRITA-FYS-2002:7

Diego Pallin
A Quantum Field Theoretical Treatment of Neutrino Oscillations.
Neutrinos Propagating through Vacuum and Matter,
Stockholm, April 2002. TRITA-FYS-2002:5

Joakim Arnlind
Determinant bundles over infinite-dimensional Grassmannians
Stockholm, April 2002, TRITA-FYS-2002:10

Albin Thoren
Non-Markovian Quantum Master Equations
Stockholm, September 2002, TRITA-FYS-2002:26

David Bergström
Neutrino Oscillations with Three Flavors
Comparison of Dirac and Schrödinger Models in the Theory and
Series Solutions in Matter with a Linear Density Variation
Stockholm, March 2003, TRITA-FYS-2003:6

Ola Lindkvist
Quantum measurements and state reconstruction
Stockholm, May 2003, TRITA-FYS-2003:17

Magnus Jacobson
Matter Induced CPT Violation in Three Flavor Neutrino Oscillations
Stockholm, June 2003, TRITA-FYS-2003:22

Tiglet Besara
The Nature of Neutrinos: Dirac or Majorana
Stockholm, October 2003, TRITA-FYS-2003:47

Mattias Blennow
The Solar Neutrino Day-Night Effect
Stockholm, October 2003, TRITA-FYS-2003:51

Robert Johansson
Series Expansions of Three Flavour Neutrino Oscillation Probabilities
Stockholm, November 2003, TRITA-FYS-2003:55

Martin Hallnäs
Exact Solution of 1D Quantum Many-Body Systems with Delta-Function
Interactions Related to Root Systems
Stockholm, January 2004, TRITA-FYS-2004:3

Santiago Francisco Caballero Benítez
On Ferromagnetism and Exactly Solvable Fermion Systems
Stockholm, May 2004, TRITA-FYS-2004:32

Erik Lötstedt
Commutative and Noncommutative Instantons
Stockholm, August 2004, TRITA-FYS-2004:59

Pedram Hekmati
Abelian Extensions of Lie Groups
Stockholm, October 2004, TRITA-FYS-2004:74

Anders Biltmo
Exactly Solvable Models of Interacting Electrons and Phonons in One Dimension
Stockholm, November 2004, TRITA-FYS-2004:78

Martin Blom
Parameter Degeneracies in Neutrino Oscillations
Stockholm, January 2005, TRITA-FYS-2005:10

Valentin Flunkert
Quantum Filtering
Stockholm, October 2005, TRITA-FYS-2005:53

Tobias Fischer
The Evolution of Galactic Nuclei under N-Body Simulations
Stockholm and Uppsala, January 2006, TRITA-FYS-2006:1

Erik Nordblad
Towards an exactly solvable model of the FQHE
Stockholm, January 2006. ISRN KTH/FYS/--06:02--SE

Julian Skrotzki
Simulation of Neutrino Oscillations Including Non-Standard Effects Using the MINOS Experiment
Stockholm, December 2006, TRITA-FYS-2006:81

Jonas de Woul
A restricted Hartree-Fock study of the 2D Hubbard model
Stockholm, February 2007. ISRN KTH/FYS/--07:09--SE

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