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Nobel Symposium 129
Neutrino Physics

Nobel Symposium on Neutrino Physics - Social Program

Receptions and Conference Dinner:

August 19, 2004: Welcome Reception
Welcome reception at 19:00 with following dinner. At coffee Per Carlson will talk about Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prizes.
August 20, 2004: Dinner
Dinner at 19:00. At coffee astronaut Christer Fuglesang will talk about the International Space Station. He will give an overview over the space station as well as speak about the research program at the station.
August 21, 2004: Special Dinner - Crayfish Party
Special dinner (crayfish party) at 19:00.
August 22, 2004: Dinner at the Vasa Museum:
Arrival at 18:00 in the Vasa Museum. The visit starts with a drink between 18:00 and 18:15. After the drink, the guided tour in the Vasa Museum will start. At approximately 19:00, the dinner will be served next to the Vasa. The dinner will continue until - at earliest - 01:00.
August 23, 2004: Conference Banquet
Conference banquet at 19:00.


August 22, 2004: Excursion
Excursion between 14:00 and 19:00. Bus from Haga Slott to Stockholm leaves at 14:00. Visit at the Nobel Museum. Dinner at the Vasa Museum between 18:00 and 01:00. Bus from the Vasa Museum to Haga Slott leaves at 23:00.

Public Lecture:

August 24, 2004: Oskar Klein Lecture
The Oskar Klein lecture will be given by Pierre Ramond in the evening in Stockholm.

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