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Nobel Symposium 129
Neutrino Physics

Nobel Symposium on Neutrino Physics - Travel and Accommodation

Travel to Stockholm

It is very important that you inform us about your travel information including costs, flight numbers, arrival and departure times, as well as if you need transfer to/from Haga Slott in Enköping. It is also important that you inform us if you are accompanied by someone that also needs transfer.

The Nobel Symposium covers travel costs (economy class) for the international advisory committee members and the international participants.

Transfer to/from Haga Slott

During the days August 19 and August 24, we will have some possibilities of arranging transfers with car, bus, and taxi from/to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Arlanda) and to/from Haga Slott (the Nobel Symposium site) in Enköping.

Note! The Nobel Symposium starts August 19 @ 12:30 with lunch and ends August 24 @ 13:00 also with lunch.

The transfer time between Arlanda and Haga Slott is approximately one hour.

Haga Slott has an agreement with Mabica (a taxi company in Enköping) to drive people from Arlanda to Haga Slott for 800 SEK (850 SEK if later than 18:00). In one taxi, four persons can travel for the same price as for one person. The phone number to Mabica is +46-70-5227415. The Local Organizing Committee will synchronize the arrival times of all participants and inform the participants with which persons they could travel.

On August 19 at 10:00, just before the Nobel Symposium, there will be a bus leaving from Hotel Arcadia (Stockholm) to Haga Slott.

On August 24, after the Nobel Symposium, there will be two buses leaving from Haga Slott at 13:00. One is bound for Arlanda and the other one for the Stockholm Central station.

Early arrival at Stockholm

If you arrive at Stockholm on August 18 and have to stay over-night in Stockholm, then there will also be possibilities with private transportation directly from Stockholm to Haga Slott in Enköping.

In the case that you would need a hotel in Stockholm, then we at the AlbaNova University Center can recommend the following hotel:

Hotel Arcadia
Contact information:

Please, inform the personnel at the Hotel Arcadia that you are guest/guests of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) or the Stockholm University and you will have some reduced price:

  • If you want to stay in Stockholm during the night August 18-19, you should give the reference number FYSI040818 (you have to make the reservation before July 18) for the price 769 SEK (single room) / 873 SEK (double room).
  • If you want to stay in Stockholm during the night August 24-25, you should give the reference number FYSI040824 (you have to make the reservation before July 24) for the price 769 SEK (single room) / 873 SEK (double room).

For the participants that will stay at Hotel Arcadia (and other hotels in Stockholm) until August 19, a bus will be arranged for transportation to Haga Slott and the Nobel Symposium before the Nobel Symposium starts.

Accommodation at Haga slott

Accommodation for the local organizing committee members, the international advisory committee members, and the international participants will be covered by the Nobel Symposium.

Local participants should arrange their own accommodations.

Contact information:

Accompanying persons

If you are accompanied by some person/persons to the Nobel Symposium, then you have to privately arrange with Haga Slott about her/his/their stay at the Symposium site. Please, inform the personnel at Haga Slott that you are a participant of the "Nobel Symposium 129" and state the reference number 4758. Hotel room and breakfast for an accompanying person is 680 SEK per day (part of double room), lunch costs 249 SEK per day, and dinner costs 499 SEK per day. A single room (breakfast included) costs 801 SEK per day and a double room (breakfast included) costs 1360 SEK per day.


If you have some special food requirements such as vegetarian and/or religious/cultural reasons etc., then you should inform the Local Organizing Committee about such requirements. Haga Slott (i.e., Haga Castle) would like to be informed about food requirements some weeks before the Nobel Symposium starts in order to be able to properly handle such requirements.

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