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Nobel Symposium 129
Neutrino Physics

Nobel Symposium on Neutrino Physics - Welcome

We have the pleasure of announcing that we have been funded by the Nobel Foundation through its Nobel Symposium Fund to arrange a Nobel Symposium with the title "Neutrino Physics", to be held in Sweden, August 19-24, 2004.

Nobel Symposia have a special character - they are arranged in fields related to the subject areas of the Nobel Prizes, and they have a very restricted number of participants. The idea behind our Symposium is that eminent scientists in the field of neutrino physics come together to exchange ideas and discuss contemporary outstanding issues in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. In accordance with the guidelines of the Nobel Symposium Committee, a limited number of younger scientists will be given the opportunity to participate as observers in the Symposium. Generally, the Nobel Symposia are attended by members of the Nobel Committee for Physics as well.

The talks of the Symposium should be of a general nature, with ample time set aside also for informal, more detailed discussions. The speakers are requested to give a written contribution to the Proceedings, which will be published after the Symposium.

The Local Organizing Committee
Lars Bergström, Olga Botner, Per Carlson, Per-Olof Hulth, Tommy Ohlsson

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