Group homepages: Edholm , Lindahl

... The biophysics groups focus on a range of problems in soft matter physics and biological physics. The research problems are often medically related and involve massive computer simulations. Topics covered include studies of protein structure and dynamics, biomembranes, molecular dynamics, and mechanics of bacteria and viruses.
Olle Edholm, Berk Hess, Erik Lindahl


Group homepages: Particle physics, Mathematical physics

... Research in the particle physics group is focused on physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, and in the mathematical physics group on theory of quantum systems with many degrees of freedom. In particular, the research topics are neutrino physics, extra dimensions, dark matter, LHC phenomenology, astroparticle physics, quantum field theory, exactly solvable systems, and quantum statistical physics in connection to condensed matter physics, as well as synergy effects between the various research topics.
Edwin Langmann, Tommy Ohlsson


Group homepages: Condensed matter and statistical physics

... The research interests of the condensed matter and statistical physics groups cover both basic and applied physics. Topics studied include strongly correlated systems, classical and quantum phase transitions, exotic quantum fluids, magnetism, materials under extreme conditions, corrosion, nanostructures, disordered systems, soft materials, Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations.
Egor Babaev, Jens H Bardarson, Anatoly Belonoshko, Patrik Henelius, Jack Lidmar, Anders Rosengren, Mats Wallin