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Theory of Materials

Theory of Materials
Phone: +46 8 5537 8101, Fax: +46 8 5537 8470
Address: Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm Center for Physics, Astronomy and Biotechnology
Department of Physics, Theory of Materials,
SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
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  • About Theory of Materials

    We are a research group at KTH, at the department KTH Physics. Our research deals with calculations of physical properties of solid state materials. Such calculations are usually done by performing large numerical computations and simulations with computers. By analyzing the outcome of such calculations we can improve current knowledge of materials and processes involving materials. For a more complete description of our research, see our research page.

          Apart from research, we are also responsible for a number of Courses at KTH within our field. See our course page for more information about our teaching.

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    The pages available here are:
    • Main Page - This page, the front page of Theory of Materials.
    • Staff - A list of our current staff and some of the people who has been working for us but moved on.
    • Research - A description of our research in general and information about our different research projects.
    • Courses - Information about courses which Theory of Materials is teaching.
    • About the Group - Information about our group and its history.
    • Links and Misc - Some interesting links and other things.

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