Bo Cartling


Abbreviations used below:

KTH Royal Institute of Technology , Stockholm
SU Stockholm University
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
Caltech California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA



1966-1970 M.Sc. (Swedish: Engineering Physics* KTH
(1970-1971 Military Service)    
1971-1976 Ph.D. (Swedish: Tekn.Dr.) Theoretical Physics ** KTH
1973-1974 Diploma Astronomy and Astrophysics SU
1976 Associate Professor (Swedish: Docent) Theoretical Physics KTH

* Practical training at Ericsson, summers 1965-1968, and at Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA, Alternating Gradient Synchrotron, summer 1969.

**Ph.D. thesis: "Localized and relativistic descriptions of electronic structures".



1971-1977 KTH, Dept. of Theoretical Physics Teaching Ass., Lecturer
1974-1975 MIT, USA; Center for Materials Science and Engineering Visiting Scientist
1975 University of Florida, Gainesville, USA; Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Quantum Theory Project Visiting Scientist
1977-1985 SU, Dept. of Biophysics Research Scientist
1980-1981 SU, Dept. of Biophysics Head of Department
1981-1982 University of York, England; Dept. of Chemistry Visiting Scientist
1982-1984 Princeton University, USA; Dept. of Chemistry Visiting Scientist
1984-1985 Caltech, USA; Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Visiting Scientist
1985-present KTH, Dept. of Theoretical Physics Associate Professor

Subsequent briefer periods of varying length as visiting scientist:

1990 Caltech, USA
1991 Caltech, USA
1993 Caltech, USA
1997 Princeton University, USA



"Honnörsstipendium" upon graduation (M.Sc.) from the School of Physics, KTH 1970.

Governmental scholarship for graduate studies at KTH 1972-1976.

"Letterstedtska understödet för maktpåliggande undersökningar" from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 1977 "for his application of physical theory to current physical and biological problems".


On request by the Swedish Natural Science Research Council and by a governmental decision 1986 transferred as research scientist from the Swedish Natural Science Research Council to KTH.