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 I am professor of Theoretical Physics, in particular Statistical Physics, a branch of physics that studies connections between various levels of descriptions of the physical world: Objects such as we see them and a molecular level described by its enormous number of atoms. In this, I in particular I work with the physics of living systems: to apply the ideas of (statistical) physics for achieving a fuller understanding of the processes of life.
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Previous Courses in Theoretical Physics:

Statistisk Mekanik för irreversibla processer   ( Statistical Mechanics of irreversible processes )
 Komplexa system       ( Complex Systems )
 Teorin för Makromolekylers konformationer   Theory of Macromolecular Conformations - Theoretical models in Biology

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Popular Science  (In Swedish)

 Radioföredrag: Värt att veta maj 1999 om livets ursprung

 Föredrag om tiden, Göteborgs vetenskapsfestival 1998.

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