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Egor  Babaev

Professor in Theoretical Physics

 KTH Stockholm

babaev  "at" kth "dot" se

egorbabaev "at" gmail 
Skype: jsb1080
phone: +46 0734615751
On the photo: J. Carlstrom, E. Babaev, J. Garaud, M. Silaev
Brief CV: PhD Uppsala University, Sweden -> Research Associate Cornell University
->  Ass. Professor University of Massachusetts Amherst
    Royal Swedish Academy Fellow hosted at KTH Stockholm-> Prof. KTH Stockholm


- 2015 Göran Gustafsson Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
- Outstanding Young Researcher grant Swedish Research Council
- 2010 Tage Erlander prize from the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences

citation: "for groundbreaking theoretical work that predicts
new states of matter in the form of quantum fluids with novel properties"
US National Science Foundation CAREER award.
NSF award description: "CAREER Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers the
US National Science Foundation's  most prestigious awards in support of junior faculty"

- Knut and Alice Wallenberg award, fellow of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences
Swedish Royal Academy award description: "Awards are given to exceptionally
 gifted researches to carry out their research in Sweden".
- University of Massachusetts Exceptional Merit Award
- American Physical Society Outstanding Referee Award. 
Current group members
PhD students:
Karl Sellin
Daniel Weston
Julien Garaud
Mihail Silaev 

Former group members:
Chris Varney (postdoc)-> 
Assistant Prof. University of
West Florida
Johan Carlstrom (Phd student)-> 
postdoc with Prokof'ev and Svistunov
at UMass

The pictures above show certain objects which appear in our studies (see more information below or click on the pictures to go to corresponding artcles).
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