Homepage of Farrokh Atai Personal information:
  • Name: Farrokh Atai
  • Mail: farrokh 'at' kth.se
  • Room: A4:1063
        Mathematical Physics Group
        Department of Theoretical Physics
        Royal Instituteof Technology (KTH)
        AlbaNova University Center
  • Supervisor: Prof. Edwin Langmann

  • Exactly solvable systems
  • Elliptic functions
  • Integrable deformations of existing models

  • Fall 2011: SI1121 Termodynamik
  • Spring 2012: SI1145 Classical Theoretical Physics
  • Fall 2012: SI1121 Termodynamik
  • Spring 2013: SI1145 Classical Theoretical Physics
  • Fall 2013: SI1121 Termodynamik
  • Spring 2014: SI1140 Fysikens Matematiska Metoder, Del 2 Loggbok

  • M.Sc. thesis: Anyons in (1+1) dimensions and the deformed Calogero-Sutherland model
  • Variational orthogonalization
  • Source identities and kernel functions for deformed (quantum) Ruijsenaars models

    More to come later.

    Last updated: 2012-05-14