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Faezeh Pousaneh

       Postdoc in Prof. Olle Edholm group (2014-2016)
       Department of Theoretical Physics
       Royal Instituteof Technology (KTH)
       AlbaNova University Center
       E-Mail: pousaneh@kth.se
       Office: A4:1073
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      Postdoctoral researcher [2014- 2016]
      KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
      Title: Molecular dynamic simulations of critical mixtures
      PhD in Physical Chemistry [2010-2014]
      Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland
      Max Planck Institute for Intelligent System, Stuttgart, Germany
      Title: Effect of ionic solutes on thermodynamic Casimir force
      Supervisor: Prof. dr hab. Alina Ciach
      Supervisor: Dr. hab. Anna Maciolek
      MSc in Physics [2007-2009]
      Zanjan University, Zanjan, Iran.
      Title: Effect of thermal fluctuation on the motion of molecular nano-machines
      Supervisor: Dr. Ali Najafi

Research Interests
    - Statistical Physics
    - Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena
    - Confined Systems and Fluctuation-induced Forces
    - Electrostatic Interactions and Salt effects
    - Molecular Dynamics Simulations

    1- F. Pousaneh, O. Edholm, and A. Maciolek Molecular dynamics simulation of a binary mixture near the lower critical point,
        J. Chem. Phys. 145, 014501 (2016)

    2- F. Pousaneh, A. Ciach, The effect of antagonistic salt on a confined near-critical mixture,
        Soft Matter 10, 8188-8201, (2014)

    3- F. Pousaneh, A. Ciach, and A. Maciolek, How ions in solution can change sign of the critical Casimir potential,
        Soft Matter 10, 470-483, (2014)

    4- F. Pousaneh, A. Ciach, and A. Maciolek, Effect of ions on confined near-critical binary aqueous mixture,
        Soft Matter 8, 7567-7581 (2012)

    5- F. Pousaneh, A. Ciach, The origin of the attraction between like charged hydrophobic and hydrophilic walls confining a near-critical binary aqueous mixture with ions,
         Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23, 412101 (2011)

    6- A. Najafi, F. Pousaneh, Thermophoresis and the effect of hydrodynamic interactions in a linear model for colloids,
         Journal of Modern Physics B 25, 4379-4385 (2011)

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