Jouko Mickelsson, professor in mathematical physics

My professional interests include anomalies and current algebra, representations of Lie algebras, extensions of infinite dimensional groups arising in quantum field theory, gerbes and twisted K-theory

My office telephone number is 46 8 5537 8170 . I can be reached by e-mail jouko "at"

My publications can be found in the archives (mathematics and hep-th) or through

Unpublished Luminy Lectures 1997 on "Second quantization, anomalies, and group extensions"

Contents of my course Advanced quantum mechanics (5A1332)

Informaton on the course Differential Geometric Methods in Physics (SI2320)

Information on the course Advanced quantum mechanics- Part 2 (5A1333)

Contents of my book (Plenum Press, 1989) on Current Algebras and Groups

Local seminars in mathematical physics

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