Recent publications




Surface-stabilized non-ferromagnetic ordering of a layered ferromagnetic
V.B. Nascimento, J.W. Freeland, R. Saniz, R.G. Moore, D. Mazur, H. Liu, M.H. Pan,
J. Rundgren, K.E. Gray, R.A. Rosenberg, H. Zeng, J.F. Mitchell, A.J. Freeman,
K. Veltruska, and E.W. Plummer, 
Physical Review Letters 103, 227201 (2009).
Atomistic screening mechanism of ferroelectric surfaces: An in situ study
of the polar phase in ultra-thin BaTiO3 films exposed to H2O,
Junsoo Shin, V.B. Nascimento, G. Geneste, J. Rundgren, E.W. Plummer,
B. Dkhil, S.V. Kalinin, and A.P. Baddorf,
Nano Letters  9 , 3720 (2009).
Manifestations of broken symmetry: The surface phases of Ca2-xSrxRuO4,
R.G. Moore, V.B. Nascimento, Jiandi Zhang, J. Rundgren, R. Jin, D. Mandrus, 
and E.W. Plummer,
Physical Review Letters 100, 066102 (2008).
A procedure for LEED-IV structural analysis of metal oxide surfaces:
Ca1.5Sr 0.5RuO4(001),
V.B. Nascimento, R.G. Moore, J. Rundgren, Jiandi Zhang, Lei Cai, R. Jin, 
D.G. Mandrus, and E.W. Plummer,
Physical Review B 75, 035408 (2007).
A combined DFT/LEED approach for complex oxide surface structure
determination: Fe3O4(001),
R. Pentcheva, W. Moritz, J. Rundgren, S. Frank, D. Schrupp, and M. Scheffler,
Surface Science 602, 1299 (2008).
Wiggling its way out of surface polarity: Fe3O4(100) (A Perspectives on
the article: "A combined DFT/LEED approach forcomplex oxide surface
structure determination: Fe3O4 (001)" by R. Pentcheva, W. Moritz, J. Rundgren,
S. Frank, D. Schrupp, and M. Scheffler),
U. Diebold,
Surface Science 602, 1297 (2008).


Elastic electron-atom scattering in amplitude phase representation with
application to electron diffraction and spectroscopy,
J. Rundgren,
Physical Review B 76, 195441 (2007).
Optimized surface-slab excited-state muffin-tin potential and surface core
level shifts,
J. Rundgren,
Physical Review B 68, 125405 (2003).
Electron inelastic mean free path, electron attenuation length,and low-energy
electron-diffraction theory,
J. Rundgren,
Physical Review B 59, 5106 (1999).


Concentration-dependent diffusion of hydrogen in vitreous silica,
J. Rundgren, Q. Dong, and G. Hultquist,
Journal of Applied Physics 100, 104902 (2006).
Download of the code: diffusion is a tarred directory.
Gas-tight oxides - Reality or just a hope,
C. Anghel, G. Hultquist, Q, Dong, J. Rundgren, I. Saeki, M. Limbäck,
Materials Sience Forum 522, 93 (2006).
Hydrogen transport through silica described as bimodular diffusion with
dissociative coupling,
J. Rundgren, E. Hörnlund, and G. Hultquist,
in E. Hörnlund's PhD thesis (KTH, 2003).