Edwin's loggbok, hösten 2006
Edwin's loogbok ht 2005

KS= G. Sparr och A. Sparr, Kontinuerliga system, Studentlitteratur, Lund (2000)
ÖB= Sparr och Sparr, Övningsbok till Kontinuerliga system, Studentlitteratur, Lund (2000)
T = Kapitel 1 i Tensoranalys
A. Ramgard, Vectoranalys

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ADDITIONAL COURSE MATERIAL (I summarize what was already given above):
Notes on Hilbert space theory
Notes on Green's functions
Notes on variational calculus

Summary of Fourier's method (notes written by Göran Lindblad several years ago).  NOTE that this summary was written when we used the old course book, and thus some of the problems mentioned there are NOT discussed in [KS] and therefore will NOT come to the exam. E.g. there are Besselfunctions I_n and K_n mentioned in these notes (to solve certain problems) which we did not discuss and which I do NOT expect you to know. Note that what is called "productmethoden" in this notes is called "Fouriers method" in [KS]. Anyway, I make these notes available since some you you might find them useful.