Publications of Edwin Langmann since 1994

M. Hallnäs and E. Langmann:  Quantum Calogero-Sutherland type models and generalised classical polynomials.  arXiv:math-ph/0703090

E. Langmann: Singular eigenfunctions of Calogero-Sutherland Type Systems and How to Transform Them into Regular ones, SIGMA 3 (2007), 031 (18 pages)

E. Langmann: A partially solvable low energy effective model for 2D spin-less lattice fermions generalizing the Luttinger model to two dimensions.  arXiv:math-ph/0606041

E. Langmann and M. Wallin: Mean Field Magnetic Phase Diagrams for the Two Dimensional t-t '-U Hubbard Model, J. Stat. Phys. (2007) (published online and in print)

F. Calogero and E. Langmann: Goldfishing by gauge theory, J.Math.Phys. 47 (2006) 082702 (23 pages)

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E. Langmann: A method to derive explicit formulas for an elliptic generalization of the Jack polynomials, in: ``Jack, Hall-Littlewood and Macdonald polynomials'', V.B. Kuznetsov and S. Sahi (eds.), Contemporary Mathematics 417, American Mathematical Society (2006) 257-270.

E. Langmann, A. Laptev and C. Paufler: Singular factorizations, self-adjoint extensions, and applications to quantum many-body physics, J. Phys. A 39 (2006) 1057-1071

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E. Langmann: Exactly solvable models for 2D correlated fermions, J.Phys. A37  (2004) 407-424

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Theory'', H. Ocampo, S. Paycha, A. Reyes (Eds.), World Scientific, Singapore (2001) 170-237

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E. Langmann: Fermion current algebras and Schwinger terms in (3+1)-dimensions, Comm. Math. Phys. 162 (1994) 1-32

E. Langmann: Cocycles for boson and fermion Bogoliubov transformations, Jour. Math. Phys. 35 (1994) 96-112

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