Sofia Sivertsson
PhD student in the KTH Theoretical Particle Physics group,
which is part of the High Energy Astrophysics and Cosmology centre (HEAC), located at AlbaNova.
Sucessfully defended my PhD thesis: "Studies of dark matter in and around stars" on the 17 February 2012.

E-mail: sofiasi at kth dot se
Telephone: +46-8-5537-8176
Visiting address: Room A4:1034, AlbaNova, Stockholm.
Postal address: Royal institute of Technology, AlbaNova University Center, Department of Theoretical Physics, SE - 106 91 Stockholm

I do research in the area of WIMP dark matter and how WIMPs behave in different astrophysical contexts. Weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) is a natural candidate for dark matter, and understanding their behaviour is important for indirect detection of these particles.

Past teaching (at KTH):
Special Relativity, fall 2010 & 2011
Relativity Theory, spring 2009 & 2010
Theoretical Particle Physics, spring 2008, 2009 & 2010
Advanced Quantum Mechanics, fall 2007 & 2008
Vektor Analysis, fall 2006