Welcome to the homepage of Teresia Månsson.

I am working at the Mathematical physics group at the Theoretical department at KTH.
My research interests includes integrable models and how to use symmetries to better understand different physical models. At the moment I working with the following things
  • The Chiral Potts model: This model is a generalisation to the well known Ising model to arbitrary number of spin states. I am studying the underlying symmetries and how to them to better understand the model symmetries and the connection to other models.
And here are some other things I have recently worked on: Hopf algebras and integrable models, gauge/string theory dualities (in particular the AdS/CFT duality).
Here you can find my papers: My papers

I also teach relativity theory:

Special relativity

If you like to get hold of me my room number is: A4:1065.



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