Prof. Tommy Ohlsson

Tommy @ AlbaNova

I am a Professor in Theoretical Physics (since January 1, 2008) at the Theoretical Particle Physics Group, Department of Physics at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology - AlbaNova University Center in Stockholm, Sweden and was a Research Fellow at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA) between 2005 and 2010. In 2003, I was awarded the Gustafsson Prize.
I am an Individual Member of the European Physical Society (EPS) and a Member of "Svenska Fysikersamfundet".

Professional duties:


I am the author of the textbook Relativistic Quantum Physics - From Advanced Quantum Mechanics to Introductory Quantum Field Theory published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2011).

You can find information about the book at Cambridge: ISBN 9780521767262


Teaching & Supervision


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Theoretical Particle Physics, Department of Physics, School of Engineering Sciences
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, AlbaNova University Center, SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting address: Roslagstullsbacken 21, Room A5:1029
Telephone: +46-(0)8-7908261

Home address: Hagagatan 14, SE-113 48 Stockholm, Sweden
Home telephone: +46-(0)8-311570
Mobile telephone: +46-(0)70-4938376

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