Mats Wallin

Professor of theoretical physics

Department of Physics
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Office: AlbaNova, Roslagstullsbacken 21, Room A4:1059
Delivery address: Hannes Alfvéns Väg 11, 114 19 Stockholm
Email: wallin -at-
Phone: +46 73 765 2000
Fax: +46 8 5537 8216


I have a broad interested in statistical physics, condensed matter physics, and biophysics. I work on quantum and classical phase transitions, disordered systems, superconductivity and superfluidity, low-dimensional systems, quantum transport, molecular motors, and bacterial motility. I use both analytical and numerical methods, for example Monte Carlo simulation including worm and Wolff methods.


PhD Umeå Univ 1990, Postdoc Indiana Univ 1991-2, KTH 1993-present, Professor 2001-present, Department head 2006-11



See also: arXiv

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