Daniel Weston

PhD student in physics, working with Egor Babaev.

Department of Physics
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
AlbaNova University Center
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Email: weston@kth.se
Phone: +46 762 314 484
Office: A4:1085, AlbaNova


I study various aspects of multicomponent superconductivity, mainly using Monte-Carlo simulations. Currently I have one published paper:

Daniel Weston and Egor Babaev
Classification of ground states and normal modes for phase-frustrated multicomponent superconductors
Phys. Rev. B 88, 214507 (2013); arXiv:1306.3179 (2013)


As a PhD student I have been a teaching assistant in the following courses:

I have also been substitute lecturer for the course SI2510 Statistical Mechanics, giving five of thirteen lectures.

As an undergraduate student, I was a teaching assistant in the following courses: